Thursday, 30 June 2016

After the practice lessons...

It has always been amazing for me how children come to acquire language. After reading Chomsky's theory about First language acquisition I could find the answers to my questions, which help me understand how the child develops language knowledge throughout the time.

For instance, one of the concepts I agree with is U.G. I believe that each language possesses its own parameters . So the child activates those parameters by responding to the language which he /she is exposed to accordingly. I can see this fact  in my little nephews who are also very creative to invent words to relate with their parents through the manipulation of language.

However, I disagree with an extract of the text read in class. For example, it says that "environment is not a crucial factor for L1 acquisition". Personally, I think that 'environment' plays an important role in this matter.  It is noticeable when you see how a child manages situations in the company of other children in the same social and cultural context. While children are growing, environmental factors help them construct meaningful utterances easily.

As regards Chomsky's terms such as I-language and E-language, I found them very interesting. I had never known those terms before. In fact, Chomsky is very clear when he says that what happens inside our L.A.D is reflected in our linguistic competence. 

                                                                        Claudia Yucra

Saturday, 11 June 2016

'This four-year little girl has acquired her Mother tongue'

The boy asks her: What's your name?
                              How old are you?
                              Don't you go to school?
                              Is there any school here?
                              Where do you live?
                              Where is your house located?
                              Are there lambs here?
                              Don't you feel cold?